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SubjectRe: 2.5.73-mm1 nbd: boot hang in add_disk at first call from nbd_init
> On Saturday 28 June 2003 12:55, Michael Frank wrote:
>> On Saturday 28 June 2003 10:41, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> > Michael Frank <> wrote:
>> > > Changes were recently made to the nbd.c in 2.5.73-mm1
>> >
>> > And tons more will be in -mm2, which I shall prepare right now. Please
>> retest on that and if it still hangs, capture the output from pressing
>> alt-sysrq-T.
>> Legacy free, no serial port.
>> Sorry, -mm2 hang at booting kernel on 2 machines.
> Oh Murphy! Bug: 250K log buffer causes a hang on boot.
> Sorry for the shock. I configured the log buffer bigger - 250K and it hangs
> on boot.
> Default 14K log buffer all OK, the NBD hang is fixed too.

Default value of 14 is a shift count (2 << 14), which gives a
16 KB buffer.
Did you enter '250' for the shift value?
Yes, that wouldn't boot.
Maybe consult the help text??

> This was my only config change besides that driver which didn't compile ;)
> I want a bigger log buffer in preparation for testing swsusp on 2.5. On 2.4,
> the test io load prevent the big swsusp logs from making it to disk...

Andrew, do you want a min/max limit on the LOG_BUF_SHIFT value,
now that Roman has added that feature for Kconfig?


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