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SubjectRe: Dell vs. GPL
On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 22:51, Fluke wrote:
> Dell is providing binary only derived works of the Linux kernel and the
> modutils package at
> The GPL appears to provide four terms under section 3 that Dell may
> legally redistribute these works:
> - In regards to GPL 3a, Dell does *NOT* provide the source code as part of
> the tar.gz

Stop right there. Yes they do. Mount those images and you'll find boot
disks identical to the RedHat-provided ones, except that the vmlinuz
kernel image is different. The difference is produced by applying the
'serverworks.patch' file that is ALSO included right along with the disk

Source and binaries, all wrapped up in one nice package. Please do your
research before accusing vendors of not following GPL. It shines a bad
light on our community.


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