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SubjectRe: networking bugs and
--Andrew Morton <> wrote (on Friday, June 27, 2003 18:14:32 -0700):

> "Martin J. Bligh" <> wrote:
>> I think your suggestion of sending new bugs out to LKML has made a big
>> dent in the one<->one problem already. Replacing all the default owner
>> fields with mailing lists (either existing ones or new ones) instead of
>> individuals would be another step in that direction, though there may
>> be a few hurdles to deal with on the way to that.
>> Yes, we probably also need an "email back in" interface as we've
>> discussed before to take it up to many-many.
> Both these things would help heaps - the tracking system then
> becomes invisible, basically. The best of both. Can we make it so?

The answer to both is yes, but one's harder than the other ;-)

1. default owners -> lists:

Setting default owners to existing lists is somewhat invasive, and
might provoke riots ;-) Not only do you get the new bug notification,
but also any updates, which may become irritating. There's probably
some vaguely happy medium to be found between:
a) sending newly logged bugs to existing lists,
b) sending updates to some new list.
Maybe if we just create a new list for each category, and let
people subscribe at will to those ... and I keep sending newly logged
bugs to linux-kernel? I can cc netdev / linux-scsi / whatever on those
new ones if that helps?

That seems reasonably helpful and non-invasive to people who don't
want to see it to me. People who like the mailing lists will see the
new bug reports, and can just delete and forget them (as now). I'll
go with the consensus of opinion (ha!) on this ... I'd like to make
it useful without getting lynched ;-) Using new lists makes it less
intrusive. Any way we go here is fairly easy to set up.

2. email back in.

Email back in is harder, and needs more thought as to how to make it
easy to use, whilst avoiding logging crap (eg. ensuing flamewars that
derive from the bug reports, etc). My intuition is to log replies by
default, and hack off certain threads by hand by keeping track of
replies-to headers or something. Not desperately enamoured with that,
but it's the best I can think of, off the top of my head. Open to
other ideas ...

Anyway, that bit is definitely a longer term project (ie not going to
happen next week, but maybe in a few weeks).


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