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SubjectRe: AMD MP, SMP, Tyan 2466, REISERFS I/O error
On Thursday 26 June 2003 07:55 am, Oleg Drokin wrote:

> Is not this is one of those heavy-PCI loaded boxes that ocasionally corrupt
> data when PCI is overloaded?

I was curious that I did not get a corresponding driver error such as "lost
irq" or "interrupted dma" or something like that on the drive. BTW, it was
the system (hda) drive that was corrupted.

> The log you quoted shows that suddenly tree nodes have incorrect content
> (and the i/o error is because reiserfs does not know what to do with such
> nodes). (and we hope to push the patch that will print device where error
> have occured soon).
> Bye,
> Oleg

Joe Briggs
Briggs Media Systems
105 Burnsen Ave.
Manchester NH 01304 USA
TEL 603-232-3115 FAX 603-625-5809 MOBILE 603-493-2386
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