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SubjectRe: Undo aic7xxx changes (now rc7+aic20030603)
On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:30:22 -0400
"John Stoffel" <> wrote:

> >>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan von Krawczynski <> writes:
> Stephan> I have tried that already but never managed to get
> Stephan> verification errors on tar archives written to disk. Maybe I
> Stephan> try again some more...
> I've been trying to get tar errors myself, while writing a 35gb
> filesystem to a DLT7000. I'm now running 2.4.21-pre5-ac1 and I
> haven't seen any errors. Yet. I'm using the 6.2.8 version of the
> driver as well. The filesystem is just a copy of my home directory
> and some MP3s and other random files and such. Lots of text and jpegf
> files, along with some other stuff.
> Maybe I need to try and generate 15-18 files 2gb+ each and dump them
> to tape with tar and see how that's handled, and if we get erorrs.
> Stephan, can you double check your version info as well? And it would
> be great to get some info on your 3ware setup as well, just so we can
> work on narrowing down the issues.

Hm, I guess you mean kernel version? I am experiencing this problem since about
21-rcX versions, currently running 22-pre1.
The 3ware setup is pretty straight forward a RAID5 with 3 160 GB disks and no
I would not deny nfs to interact with this problem. Can you try to move your
backup'ed data from somewhere via nfs to your tar'ing box?


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