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SubjectLinux 2.4.22-pre2


Here goes -pre2 with a big number of changes, including the new aic7xxx

I wont accept any big changes after -pre4: I want 2.4.22 timecycle to be

Have fun

Summary of changes from v2.4.22-pre1 to v2.4.22-pre2

o fix bug in drivers/net/cs89x0.c:set_mac_address()
o [IPV4]: Trim the includes used in util.c

o [e1000] TSO fix
o [e1000] Added ethtool test ioctl
o [e1000] Added support for 82546 Quad-port adapter
o [e1000] Removed strong branded device ids
o [e1000] Fixed LED coloring on 82541/82547 controllers
o [e1000] Miscellaneous code cleanup
o [e1000] Whitespace cleanup

o [netdrvr tulip] support DM910x chip from ALi

o [IPV{4,6}]: Fix "slow multicast on 2.5.69" bug

o [NETFILTER]: Really search _backwards_ to find the oldest unreplied connection to evict

o current bk ipmi build fix

o [NET]: Fix OOPSes with RSVP

o [NETFILTER]: Fix two issues in the newnat core, with help from

o sd.c: set data direction to SCSI_DATA_NONE for START_STOP

o Add XRAYTEX to SCSI whitelist
o sd.c: Backport wild spin loop mitigation from 2.5
o Backport from 2.5: scsi allow devices to restrict start on add

o [NETFILTER]: Cosmetic changes
o [NETFILTER]: ip{,6}tables enhancement, add new /proc/net files
o [NETFILTER]: Fix conntrack master_ct refcounting

o new eepro100 PDI ID

o [Bluetooth] Add CAPI message transport protocol support

o PPC32: Fix /proc/sys/kernel/l2cr on newer CPUs

o [NETFILTER]: Fix processor shifts in lockhelp.h

o ISDN: [PATCH] memory leak in tpam_queues.c

o hfs-readonly-fix.diff

o [NETFILTER]: Fix ip6tables alignment (64bit archs)
o [NETFILTER]: Fix endianness bugs in conntrack
o [NETFILTER]: Fix endianness bugs in ipt_nat

o [netdrvr amd8111e] interrupt coalescing, libmii, bug fixes
o [netdrvr amd8111e] link against mii lib
o [netdrvr amd8111e] bug fix: move stats update after irq free

o [wireless airo] fix end-of-array test

o [NETFILTER]: Add iptables "recent" module

o [bonding] ABI versioning
o [bonding] better 802.3ad mode control, some cleanup
o [bonding] much improved locking
o [bonding] support xmit load balancing mode
o [bonding] add rcv load balancing mode
o [netdrvr bonding] fix long failover in 802.3ad mode
o [netdrvr bonding] fix ABI version control problem

o [IPV4]: Be more verbose about invalid ICMPs sent to broadcast

o make sym53c8xx_2 not reject autosense IWR

o [netdrvr typhoon] s/#if/#ifdef/ for a CONFIG_ var

Adrian Bunk <>:
o fix .text.exit error in drivers/net/r8169.c
o add three ACPI entries

Alan Cox <>:
o [netdrvr tlan] fix 64-bit issues

Andi Kleen <>:
o Remove copied inet_aton code in bond_main.c
o ACPI compile fixes for 2.4.22pre1
o Don't enable I2O for AMD64

Andrew Morton <>:
o Additional 3c980 device support

Andy Grover <>:
o ACPI: Fix (Jeff Garzik)
o ACPI: make it so acpismp=force works (reported by Andrew Morton)

Anton Blanchard <>:
o [netdrvr 8139cp] enable MWI via pci_set_mwi, rather than manually

Dave Engebretsen <>:
o [netdrvr pcnet32] bug fixes

Dave Kleikamp <>:
o Update JFS team members in jfs.txt
o JFS: resize fixes

Douglas Gilbert <>:
o sg driver version 3.1.25

Edward Peng <>:
o [netdrvr via-rhine] fix promisc mode
o [netdrvr sundance] bug fixes, VLAN support
o [netdrvr sundance] fix flow control bug
o [netdrvr sundance] fix another flow control bug

Hideaki Yoshifuji <>:
o IPv6 over ARCnet (RFC2497) support, driver part
o IPv6 over ARCnet (RFC2497) support, IPv6 part

Hugh Dickins <>:
o remove unsafe BUG() in __remove_inode_page()

Ivan Kokshaysky <>:
o alpha: Lynx platform support (Jay Estabrook)
o alpha: initrd fix (Wiedemeier, Jeff)
o alpha: nautilus poweroff

Jay Vosburgh <>:
o [bonding] small cleanups
o Bonding 2.4 update patch 1
o Bonding 2.4 update patch 2
o Bonding 2.4 update patch 3
o Bonding 2.4 update patch 4
o Bonding 2.4 update patch 5
o Bonding 2.4 update patch 6

Jean Tourrilhes <>:
o irda: static init fixes
o irda: Export CRC routine to drivers
o irda: Mask C/R bit from connection
o irda-usb driver fixes
o IrCOMM chat fixes
o QoS interoperability fixes
o IrLMP timer race fix
o Fix IrIAP skb leak
o irda: Secondary nack code fixes

Jeff Garzik <>:
o [net] store physical device a packet arrives in on
o [bonding] fix comment to prevent future merge difficulties
o [bonding] add support for getting slave's speed and duplex via ethtool
o [bonding] Moved setting slave mac addr, and open, from app to the driver
o [bonding] move driver into new drivers/net/bonding directory
o [bonding] move private decls into new drv/net/bonding/bonding.h file
o [bonding] add support for IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation
o [netdrvr sundance] small cleanups from 2.5
o Remove duplicate CONFIG_TULIP_MWI entry in
o [netdrvr eepro] update MODULE_AUTHOR per old-author request
o [netdrvr tlan] backport fixes and cleanups from 2.5
o [netdrvr] s/init_etherdev/alloc_etherdev/ in code comments, in 8139too and pci-skeleton drivers.
o [netdrvr 8139too] add comment, whitespace cleanup
o [netdrvr olympic] fix build with gcc 3.3
o [netdrvr r8169] use alloc_etherdev (fix race), pci_disable_device
o [netdrvr r8169] sync with 2.5 (backport whitespace cleanups)
o [netdrvr amd8111e] remove out-of-tree feature that snuck in
o [netdrvr] gcc 3.3 cleanups
o [netdrvr sis900] minor fixes from 2.5

Justin T. Gibbs <>:
o Update the aic7xxx driver to 6.2.10 and add the aic79xx driver version 1.1.1
o Correct building of aicasm
o Update to aic7xxx version 6.2.22 and aic79xx 1.3.0_ALPHA2
o Integrate 2.5.X aic7xxx and aic79xx changes
o Misc driver updates
o Integrate changes from Christoph Hellwig <>
o Update to aic7xxx version 6.2.24 and aic79xx version 1.3.0_ALPHA5
o Preface the "asserting atn" diagnostic with controller/target information
o aic7xxx Driver
o Aic7xxx Driver
o Aic7xxx & Aic79xx Drivers Correct 2.5.X declaration for aic_sector_div().
o Aic7XXX Firmware Assembler
o Aic7XXX and Aic79XX drivers Use down_interruptable() rather than down() to avoid having our DV threads counted toward the load average.
o Aic7XXX and Aic79XX drivers
o Aic79XX and Aic7xxx Drivers
o Aic7XXX and Aic79XX Drivers
o Aic7XXX and Aic79xx Drivers
o aic7xxx/aic79xx firmware assembler
o aic7xx and aic79xx drivers - Correct several DV issues
o aic7xxx and aic79xx driver updates
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx DV fix
o Aic79xx Driver Update Enable abort and bus device reset handlers for both legacy and packetized connections.
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update Force an SDTR after a rejected WDTR if the syncrate is unkonwn.
o Aic7xxx Driver Update 6.2.28
o Update Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Documentation
o Bump aic79xx version number to 1.3.0 now that it has passed functional testing.
o Aic7xxx Driver Update to verstion 6.2.29
o Update aic7xxx/Makefile
o Update aicasm/Makefile so that link specifications are specified after all object files. This seems to be required in order to link correctly in some cases.
o Aic79xx Driver Update to 1.3.2
o Update Aic7xxx to version 6.2.29
o AICLIB Update
o Update Aic7xxx driver [Rev 6.2.31]
o Aic79XX Driver Update [Rev 1.3.5]
o Change the callback argument for aic brace option parsing to u_long to avoid casting problems with different architectures.
o Aic7xxx Driver Update (version 6.2.32)
o Aic79xx Driver Update (version 1.3.6)
o Complete merge of AC aic7xxx and aic79xx bits
o Remove the CONFIG_AIC7XXX_ALLOW_MEMIO option. It has been supplanted by the MEMIO probe/test code.
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver updates
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver updates
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Use absolute path to drivers/scsi in the aic7xxx Makefile
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Upate
o Remove pre-2.2.X kernel support. Pre-2.2.X support requires
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates
o Update Aic79xx and Aic7xxx Documenation
o Aic79xx Driver Update (version 1.3.8)
o Aic7xxx Driver Update (6.2.33)
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic79XX Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver README update
o Aic79xx and Aic7xxx Driver Updates
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030508192559|45150 Cset exclude: marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva|ChangeSet|20030507201543|47130 Cset exclude: marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva|ChangeSet|20030507200707|47153
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Updates
o Aic79xx Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver version 6.2.35
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updated
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates
o Bump aic79xx driver version to 1.3.9
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update
o Aic7xxx Driver Update
o Aic79xx Driver Update
o Update Aic79xx Readme

Kai Germaschewski <>:
o ISDN: Fix Fritz!PCI v2 xmit irq underrun recovery
o ISDN: Fix bug in ST5481 D-Channel state machine

Karsten Keil <>:
o ISDN: [PATCH] Fix problem with external hisax drivers

Maksim Krasnyanskiy <>:
o L2CAP config req/rsp handling fixes
o [Bluetooth] Detect and log error condition when first L2CAP fragment is too long
o [Bluetooth] RFCOMM must wait for MSC exchange to complete before sending the data
o [Bluetooth] L2CAP sockets can now set LM_RELIABLE flag and get notification when we detect reliablity problem with the ACL connection.
o [Bluetooth] Add support for SO_LINGER option to all Bluetooth protocols
o Bluetooth: RFCOMM must send MSC when DLC was opened by SABM
o [Bluetooth] Fix RFCOMM C/R and Direction bit handling
o [Bluetooth] L2CAP qualification spec mandates sending additional config request if we receive config response with unacceptable parameters error code.

Marcel Holtmann <>:
o [Bluetooth] Send the correct values in RPN response
o [Bluetooth] Handle priority bits in parameter negotiation
o [Bluetooth] Implement rfcomm_tty_put_char() function
o [Bluetooth] Send correct RPN response for accepted values
o [Bluetooth] Set EA bit for V.24 signals parameter
o [Bluetooth] Handle bit rate in remote port negotiation
o [Bluetooth] Quirk for devices with no ISOC endpoints

Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva>:
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre2
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030620200318|50799

Mark A. Greer <>:
o PPC32: Fix the gen550 infrastructure for baud rates other than 9600

Olaf Hering <>:
o remove TIOCGDEV from asm/ioctls.h
o RAID_AUTORUN is a compatible ioctl

Patrick McHardy <>:
o ISDN: [PATCH] missing cli() in isdn_net.c
o ISDN: [PATCH] don't unlock lp if there is nothing to unlock
o [NETFILTER]: Dont call helpers expectfn() for unconfirmed connections

Paul Mackerras <>:
o PPC32: Update for PPC 4xx TLB and exception handling
o PPC32: Add a new framework for on-chip peripherals for the IBM 4xx embedded processors.
o PPC32: Introduce a new config symbol, CONFIG_40x, used for PPC 40x cpus
o PPC32: Add generic IBM PPC405GP support and use it on the walnut platform
o PPC32: Update the support for the "Walnut" 405GP platform
o PPC32: Make debug exceptions usable on 4xx-class processors, and improve trap handling.
o PPC32: Add support for PPC 405GP interrupt controller
o PPC32: Extra register and other definitions for the PPC 405GP processor
o PPC32: Move PC-style serial port definitions out to asm/pc_serial.h
o PPC32: remove ppc4xx_serial.h, it is no longer used
o PPC32: Cleanups for PPC 405GP-based systems; add file of OCP ids
o PPC32: Don't run `checks' program on make zImage
o PPC32: Add definitions for the UIC interrupt controller on the 405GP processor
o PPC32: Add support for PCI and time-of-day clock on 405GP-based systems
o PPC32: Allow for PCI host bridges that need explicit type 1 cycle indication

Randy Dunlap <>:
o unexpected IO-APIC code update

Rusty Russell <>:
o [irda] module refcounts for irlan
o [patch, 2.5] dgrs doesn't free on error path
o namespace pollution in cosa driver
o [2.4 patch] fix wavelan_cs compile warning
o Clear up GFP confusion in rcpci45.c
o [patch, 2.5] fix errorpath in apne.c
o Remove naked GFP_DMA from drivers_net_macmace.c
o namespace pollution in skfddi driver
o improve signal-to-noise ratio in atm code
o 2.4.20 wait.h doc typo
o fs_autofs4_root.c unused variable
o [TRIVIAL PATCH 2.4] update README file to current
o fix documentation in include_asm-i386_bitops.h
o missing headers in i82092.c
o fix linewrap in Documentation_power_pci.txt
o include_asm-ia64_sal.h, typo: the the
o Typos in drivers_s390_net_iucv.h
o [TRIVIAL PATCH] include_asm-i386_dma.h: wrong lowest DMA
o redundant declarations (#1_15)
o add some missing init.h inclusions
o remove superflous if in wait_kio
o Squash warning in ppc64 addnote tool
o fix linewrap in Documentation_filesystems_sysv-fs.txt
o set b_page to null in fake buffer_head for O_DIRECT
o fix linewrap in Documentation_pci.txt
o misc_register audit fix of wdt_pci
o misc register fix on ds1286
o reorganize for unreachable code

Sam Ravnborg <>:
o [netdrvr sis900] make function headers readable by kernel-doc tool

Scott Feldman <>:
o [netdrvr e1000] add support for NAPI
o [netdrvr e1000] add TSO support -- disabled
o 10GbE ethtool support
o remove ethtool privileged references
o [e100] Remove "Freeing alive device" warning
o [e100] move e100_asf_enable under CONFIG_PM to avoid warning
o [e100] Add ethtool parameter support
o [e100] Add ethtool cable diag test
o [e100] Add MDI/MDI-X status to ethtool reg dump
o [e100] cleanup Tx resources before running ethtool diags
o [e100] full stop/start on ethtool set speed/duplex/autoneg
o [e100] fixed stalled stats collection
o [e100] VLAN configuration was lost after ethtool diags run
o [e100] use skb_headlen() rather than rolling own
o [e100] set netdev members before registration
o [e100] misc

Tom Rini <>:
o PPC32: Clean up the cpu_idle() code a bit
o PPC32: Fix a multicast bug in the MPC 8xx / 8260 enet drivers
o PPC32: Correct the DTLB miss handler on MPC8xx
o PPC32: Fix a problem with MDIO requests on reset in MPC 8xx enet
o PPC32: Minor cleanups to the MPC 8xx FEC driver
o PPC32: Fix a small problem in the 8xx / 8260 uart code
o PPC32: Important fixes in the MPC8xx FEC and MPC826x enet driver
o PPC32: Describe when we want to do a CPM reset on MPC8xx
o Add /proc/sys/kernel/l3cr

Zwane Mwaikambo <>:
o Remove warning due to comparison in drivers/net/pcnet32.c

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