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    SubjectRe[4]: [PATCH] ide driver 2.4.21-rc6

    as I promised, I'm back at home and investigated the problem with the
    CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE setting further.

    The special cas with my setup is, that I have an ICH4 onboard, an
    PDC20276 onboard and an PCI SCSI controller. The root filesystem is on
    the SCSI disks. I can not boot from the SCSI disks directly, as the
    BIOS enables the PDC first. So I have to boot from the IDE disks
    connected to the PDC. This didn't work, so I replaced the simple
    Promise RAID bios with an normal UDMA bios thats allows you to use the
    controller as normal IDE controller. The result is, I can boot from
    the IDE disks and I can use the IDE disks as normal disks (used it in
    times the CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE wasn't in the linux kernel).

    I do not know if the PDC 20276 is being sold with such a normal bios.
    I think so, as there are serveral users reporting the same error.

    The problem is, that the driver thinks the bios/drives didn't get enabled
    by the bios end disables the whole controller. I patched the driver to
    skip this step. I still have to use the CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE setting-
    without it the second channel gets disabled.

    This is the reason for my patch. I'm not sure, but I this it shouldn't
    be a problem for the driver...


    PS: please write me if you see any problems related to that patch

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
    BZ> It MUST work.

    BZ> Clean your kernel source with 'make mrproper' (just in case) and compile
    BZ> again with Special FastTrak Feature enabled (CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE=y).

    BZ> If it really won't work contact me.
    BZ> --
    BZ> Bartlomiej

    BZ> On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Arne Brutschy wrote:

    >> Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
    >> BZ> What about turning on "Special FastTrak Feature" instead...
    >> Didn't work for me, don't know why.
    >> Arne

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