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Subject2.4.21 pooched?
I'm having serious issues with 2.4.21.  It seems it doesn't like
ide-scsi, but panics/oops'es (something, it freezes afterwards
and blinks my kb) in ide-iops.c somewhere (ZIP/CDRW on
ide-scsi). Also, the USB code seems to crash the system all
the time. Gnome2 can't even begin to load, and when I kill X,
it takes the system down with it.

Everything I do is stable and safe in 2.4.18 through 2.4.20. I
have had absolutely no panics or oopses until now with 2.4
series kernels. I believe that the 2.4.21 kernel may be pooched.
Check that out if you haven't already heard of it.

By the way, some people tell me 2.4.21 is stable, and others
(more of 'em) tell me it's evil. I dunno, play with it.

--Bluefox Icy

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