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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] nbd driver for 2.5+: fix locking issues with ioctl UI
    Lou Langholtz wrote:

    > . . . On the other hand I've been thinking that I might be able to
    > take advantage of the irq locked condition imposed by the
    > q->queue_lock and just use nbd_lock to replace q->queue_lock then. Al
    > and Andrew seem to have a much deeper understanding though for
    > spinlocking though so I'll defer to there comments on this idea (of
    > replacing lo->queue_lock by use of nbd_lock). This has the added
    > attraction of already having nbd_lock locked when in do_nbd_request.. . .

    Typo! Above should have read "just use nbd_lock to replace
    lo->queue_lock" (another spinlock_t per nbd_device). Anyways... would
    using the one nbd_lock to also protect the lo->queue_list work better
    than using the queue_lock per nbd_device I'm wondering. According to the
    prior discusions about spinlocks this should be better. I don't have a
    picture right now of wether that even works or not. Gotta run though,

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