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SubjectRe: Troll Tech [was RE: Sco vs. IBM]

Downing, Thomas wrote:

> No, they don't. KDE uses the GPL for QT. If I build a commercial
> app using KDE, it is GPL. If I build a commercial app not using
> KDE, but using commercial QT, that has no effect on the KDE desktop.

I'm over 1100 emails behind here, so please excuse me if I'm repeating
what someone else said.

But are you implying, by analogy, that if I were to write a program
using GTK+ that the application would be forced to be under GPL? So I
can't write a closed-source GNOME program? Or is GTK under LGPL?

Anyhow, I see little problem with the Qt model. If I'm writing a
closed-source commercial app that I'm going to sell, it's no skin off my
nose to pay TrollTech a little money to use their toolkit, considering
that I'm probably going to need some support anyhow.

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