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    SubjectGPL violations by wireless manufacturers
    [ Please CC replies as I am not subscribed ]

    I have had some luck resolving the GPL violation by wireless
    manufacturers issue. I have sent letters regarding the issue to
    Linksys, Belkin and Buffalo. This is the letter I received from
    Buffalo Technologies and below that is the letter I sent to the three

    Hi Sir,

    We are aware of these requirements and we have the PDF document
    (attached) and a statement/notice that will be put onto the website
    within 48 hours for this product. Please let me know if you require
    further assistance or if you would like to talk further.

    This product uses software of GPL/LGPL.
    You have the right to acquire source code, change it, and re-
    distribute it.
    The warranty on the product is only applicable if the original or an
    official Buffalo firmware is on the unit.
    Please refer to GNU_LICENSE.PDF.
    We don’t have any obligation to pay if a user has to pay to
    distribute or change the source code.

    Thanks for your time.

    Craig Reid
    Technical Sales Engineer

    Dear sirs,

    Hereby I would like to inform you that the software on at least one
    of your products is offered in violation of the General Public
    License (GPL) as published by the GNU Software Foundation. This may
    not be known to you due to inclusion of acquired or licensed
    technology from third-party manufacturers in your product.

    The affected product is the Buffalo (Melco) WBR-G54 Wireless Access

    The infringement of the GPL consists of the following:

    Your product makes use of Linux kernel version 2.4.5 and Busybox
    software, which are both licensed under GPL terms and conditions.
    The GPL allows copying and distribution of licensed software,
    provided that the complete corresponding machine-readable source
    code or a written offer to a complete machine-readable copy of the
    corresponding source code accompanies the product. As you have
    fulfilled neither of these obligations, you are in violation GPL
    terms and conditions.

    Your product includes a kernel driver module that is inserted into
    the GPL licensed Linux kernel when the product is turned on. There
    is no possible way for the user to prevent the insertion of this
    module into the kernel. It is also impossible for the user to remove
    the kernel module from the running kernel. The operation of the
    included software on your product depends on the operation of the
    kernel module. For these reasons the kernel driver module is not
    offered as a separate work as described in Section II of the GPL and
    must therefore be distributed under the terms and conditions of the
    GPL. As you have not included the complete corresponding machine-
    readable source code or a written offer to a complete machine-
    readable copy of the corresponding source code you are clearly in
    violation of GPL terms and conditions.

    Because of the huge liability your company could be facing I advise
    you to take appropriate measures to cease offering your product in
    violation of the GPL.

    With Regards,

    Richard Ten Brink
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