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SubjectRe: developers and GPL in products (Was: Re: GPL violations by wireless manufacturers)
On Tuesday 24 June 2003 11:25, Roger Larsson wrote:
> A customer of a product B that uses GPL project A can
> require the source for A. But what about the primary developer?
> Suppose the company charges an obscene amount of money for
> the product (that might be an enhanced project A, like a patch to allow
> compilation on Win32) - the primary developer might not afford to buy that
> product.

Not exactly. By my understanding of the GPL, if you plan on distributing
binaries outside of your corporation, you MUST make the source available to
any and all third parties. In adition, you must bundle the source code with
the binary.

That's just what I have read from the GPL -- IANAL.

Zack Gilburd
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