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SubjectRe: Strange load issues with 2.5.69/70 in both -mm and -bk trees.

On 1 Jun 2003, Tom Sightler wrote:

> Yes, this is correct. It's showed as pluginserver in the 'ps ax' output
> but I've since noticed that it is simply a symlink to wine. Of the two
> wine processes, wine and wineserver, it was the wine frontend process
> that was getting all of the CPU, showing 100% utilization. Renicing the
> wine process made the problem go away.
> Running the exact same config on a 2.4.20 kernel uses only a few % of
> the CPU.

could you apply the attached patch to 2.5.70 and check whether wine still
uses up 100% CPU time? This might be an artifact introduced by the
different HZ values of 2.4 and 2.5.


--- include/asm-i386/param.h.orig
+++ include/asm-i386/param.h
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
#define _ASMi386_PARAM_H

#ifdef __KERNEL__
-# define HZ 1000 /* Internal kernel timer frequency */
+# define HZ 100 /* Internal kernel timer frequency */
# define USER_HZ 100 /* .. some user interfaces are in "ticks" */
# define CLOCKS_PER_SEC (USER_HZ) /* like times() */
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