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SubjectRe: memory problem with 2.4.21 SMP on Dell Dimension 8300 (i875p chipset)
I still haven't figured this one out, but for whatever it's worth
2.5.72 doesn't appear to trigger the problem. Guess I won't worry
about it too much. ;-)

On Sun, Jun 15, 2003 at 09:10:59PM -0500, Greg Norris wrote:
> After running a SMP 2.4.21 kernel on my Dell Dimension 8300, the BIOS
> thinks that the amount of memory has changed. When the box is
> rebooted, I get the following message at the end of BIOS
> initialization:
> The amount of system memory has changed.
> Alert! OS Install Mode enabled. Amount of available memory limited to 256MB.
> At this point the bootup hangs, waiting for someone to press F1
> (resume) or F2 (setup). Any idea what's triggering this behaviour, and
> what I can do to squash it? This issue doesn't occur when using a UP
> kernel (basically identical, except for SMP/ACPI being disabled).
> Thanx!
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