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    SubjectRe: [patch] setscheduler fix
    On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 11:20, Joe Korty wrote:

    > Looks good to me.


    > migration_thread and try_to_wake_up already have a simplier version of
    > your test that seems to be correct for that environment, so no change
    > is needed there.
    > wake_up_forked_process in principle might need your patch, but as it
    > appears to be called only from boot code it is unimportant that it
    > have the lowest possible latency, so no change is needed there either.


    This is worse than just a latency issue, by the way. Imagine if a
    FIFO/50 thread promotes a FIFO/40 thread to FIFO/60. The thread should
    run immediately (because, at priority 60, it is the highest), but it may
    not until the FIFO/50 thread completes.

    Robert Love

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