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SubjectRe: 2.5.71 Frame Buffer Problem

> i had compile kernel 2.5.71 with VESA support (disabled nvidia driver ) , on
> boot some lines and dotes dancing around the screen ! :)

Hum. Like to see those bugs.

> now i have remove VESA support and VGA Console , there is no blank screen
> again but , i have seleted vga 791 ( 1025x768x256 ) and its working on 769 (
> 640x486x256 ) , i dont know why ! :) i have tested many times , you know
> nvidia driver works under 2.4.* .
> thanks

vga=791 will not work for the rivafb driver. That is vesafb specific. You
need to use modedb. See linux/Documentation/fb/modedb.txt.

I think the modedb code is broken for the NVIDIA driver. I haven't got
around to fixing that.

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