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SubjectRe: bkSVN live
Somehow the logic I had in my python script that was meant to ignore
BitKeeper/* files (not put them in the repo), which worked on the other
two machines I've run this on, seems to be exposing a bug in the python
on It did not allow the COPYING file through the
os.path.walk() callbacks, so it was not in the repo as well.

I am not ignoring files anymore...I don't think it hurts anything having
the BitKeeper files. It was only a personal hack I had in place for when
I was using this setup just for myself for the past 3-4 weeks.

Now, Larry and I have our opposing conspiracy theories about why
ignoring the BitKeeper files would cause the GPL license to also be
ignored, but that's a neither here nor there ;)

Fact is, I had to rebuild the repo's. That means a complete re-checkout
for everyone.


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