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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 2.4.21 crashes hard running cdrecord in X.
Per Nystrom, 2003-06-15 19:46:31 -0700 :

> The hard crash occurs only when magicdev is running. I tried
> turning off all my preferences for auto- mounting, running, and
> playing data/audio cds in my preferences, and voila! cdrecord works
> without a hiccup in X too.

I don't know what this magicdev thing is, but from what you say you
turned off I assume it's something that accesses the CD drive and
polls its status regularly. So your problem looks remarkably like
mine, which I have already reported here, except I do get a panic. My
problem occurs when the GNOME 2 CD applet is running, and it seems to
me the culprit is an ioctl() that tries to get the status of the
drive. Look for my message with "Subject: Still [OOPS] ide-scsi
panic, now in 2.4.21 too" (just reposted it, first time only went to
specific people).

Glad to know I'm not alone :-)

Roland Mas

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