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Subjectkernel 2.2.2x + 2.4 IDE backport: anybody tried >137GB disks?
I've been running kernel 2.2 + 2.4 IDE backport <>
(originally by Andre Hedrick and later by Krzysztof Oledzki) with great
success. I'm using e2compr (also with great success) so I'm currently
limited to 2.2. The 2.4 port of e2compr <> was
unfortunately pretty unstable last I looked (although I'd love to be proved
wrong on this.)

I see that Krzysztof mentions some of the 48-bit IDE stuff having been
included in the backport:
As far as I understand, he had not had the chance to try it out on real
>137GB hardware, though.

Has anyone tried the backport with >137GB disks? If so, with what ide
chipset and disk?

The reason I'm asking is of course that I'd need to buy some larger disks,
but I'm limited to kernel 2.2 :). I have i815 and HPT370 ide on the Abit
ST6R mobo, both of which work very well with the ide patch -- but I've had
no chance to try out >137GB disks.

BTW: I also see that Marc-Christian Petersen is including a newer version
(v2.2.22.09202002) of the ide backport in his 2.2-secure patchset
<>. Is there a newer URL for the IDE
patch than <> that I have?

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