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SubjectUSB and/or keyboard bizarreness


I recently purchased an Epox 8RDA (nforce2) motherboard. I'm using 1 gig
of ddr 266 memory and an athlon 1.3ghz downclocked to 1.1ghz.

At the BIOS screen, the keyboard works just fine when connected via either
the USB or PS2 port.

When booting 2.4.18, the kernel halts when loading the OHCI driver.
When booting 2.4.20, the system comes up but the keyboard doesn't respond
when plugged in to the ps2 port, I can't try it with USB.
When booting 2.4.21, kernel panic.

The kernel configuration is essentially the same in all three kernels.

The keyboard works fine in Windows when plugged in via USB. When plugged in
via the ps2 port, it will occasionally act as though the shift and caps
lock keys are held down (i.e. only capital letters and punctuation). This
can be reset, though, by typing a colon (i.e. pressing shift+; ).

I would like to write this off as a hardware problem (i.e. dodgy keyboard),
but the kernel panic confuses me. Annoyingly, I won't have a way to get the
exact kernel configuration until Monday. A screenshot (yes, I know, sorry)
of the panic can be found here:

Please CC me on any replies.

Yours, dazed and confused,

Martin A. Brooks
I/O, I/O, it's off to disk we go,
A bit or byte, to read or write,
I/O, I/O, I/O......

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