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SubjectRe: problem with blk_queue_bounce_limit()
   From: Anton Blanchard <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 17:06:11 +1000

Dave, we talked about this ages ago as a possible alternative to skb
recycling and persistent IOMMU mappings for those skbs.

Unfortunately you need a hash to map from all of memory to a pci bus
address for each host bridge (well IOMMU), and so far I cant think of
anything that wouldnt chew gobs of RAM.

The hash table need not be sized wrt. ram, but rather to the expected
amount of "DMA in flight" you can expect for the system.

You have to make these tables per-IOMMU anyways, which breaks down the
problem much further.

ROFL, whose workstation name is krispykreme? :-)
I just noticed that.
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