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SubjectRe: Bugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 28 days
On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 02:20:28PM -0400, Stacy Woods wrote:
> There are 125 bugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 28 days
> 228 Other Other
> Make pdfdocs/psdocs/htmldoc fail in 2.5.54

Fixed in linus-latest.
Note that the changes to kernel-doc make it spit out warnings for
all parameters in a funtion which is not documented.
A better solution might be to spit out warnings for parameters
documented but not present.
My perl skills did not suffer for this.

The real errors were in one .tmpl files and one .c file,
The other changes in kernel-doc just helped me identifying the root

> 384 Other Modules
> 2.5.62 make modules *.ko has no CRC

I cannot provoke this one. Anyone with more details?
Otherwise I would like to have it closed.

> 485 Other Other
> "make rpm" fails; no kernel-2.5.65/debugfiles.list

Alan Cox checked in a correction that was present in 2.5.66.
I have tried "make rpm" with 2.5.70 with success.
Can be closed.

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