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    SubjectRe: Cisco Aironet mini-PCI wireless card (MPI-350) [Was: Re: Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 vs. Broadcom BCM9430x]
    On Fri, 2003-06-13 at 03:58, Jan Mynarik wrote:
    > the patch worked well in the meaning of possible module insertion. But I
    > wasn't able to configure the card with ACU well.
    > With older firmware it's possible to insert module and to configure it
    > with ACU, but I'm not able to configure the card well. The whole
    > password menu produces segmentation fault :-))
    > Is there any other way how to configure this card? Unfortunately it
    > doesn't support wireless extensions.

    I used ACU/bcard, but it was fairly fiddly. I kept finding that
    changing a setting would make the card go into a strange state which was
    unrecoverable, even by unloading/reloading the module. Only rebooting
    would fix it. Eventually I managed to get everything configured, and I
    just get modprobe to run bcard after loading the module to configure the
    card. This seems to work reliably so long as I avoid doing any other
    settings with acu (

    I've been doing some work to extend airo.c to support the 350, based on
    Ben Reed's start. Unfortunately the card gets into state just keeps
    misbehaving and reports errors, but without any documentation its hard
    to work out what's going wrong. I'm hoping Cisco will see fit to
    release some documentation (or at least a new driver) - particularly
    since it seems the number of mpi350 Linux users is increasing, driven
    into Cisco's arm by Intel and Broadcom's complete documentation void.


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