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SubjectRe: Pentium M (Centrino) cpufreq device driver (please test me)
> The driver uses built-in tables for all the operating points of known
> Pentium M processors, derived from the Table 5 in the Intel Pentium M
> datasheet (25261202.pdf). The tables derived from the datasheet exactly
> match the tables in ACPI on my 1.3GHz Pentium M IBM ThinkPad X31.
> Because this driver is using undocumented registers, it is careful to
> only apply to CPUs which I'm confident that it will work with.
> Therefore, not only does it look for the EST feature bit, but will only
> work on Family 6, Model 9, Stepping 5 processors. It also needs an
> exact match on model name when choosing which operating point table to
> use.

For what it's worth (maybe not much) I have a Vaio U101 which uses the
"Celeron 600A" processor. This is a sort of bastard-child of the Pentium M
family -- it's not listed on their web site anywhere that I know of --
certainly not in the pdf documents -- and it doesn't have any SpeedStep
ability at all. (It's apparently locked 600Mhz and the lowest voltage. I
have't tried your patch to see what happens -- I can if you want.) Anyway, I
mention it because it *does* report itself as Family 6, Model 9, Stepping 5.
Model name is "Mobile Intel(R) Celeron(R) processor 600MHz".

Matthew Miller <>
Boston University Linux ------> <>
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