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SubjectRe: Via KT400 and AGP 8x Support
On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, John Bradford wrote:

> > The only other solution is to kick your card down into AGP 2.0 mode, which
> > most BIOSes do not allow you to do in software. Instead what you have to
> > do is cut/unsolder traces on your video card for the pins used for AGP 3.0
> > detection. This is a near-permanent and horrible solution but it does get
> > everything working. :-/
> Insulating tape on certain pins works on ISA cards, but whether it would be
> practical on the smaller pins of an AGP card, I'm not sure.

Tried it already... The pins are too small to get adequate purchase for
the tape -- the friction just causes it to slide around in the slot and
gets goo around.

Superglue might be a better solution....

...but I think the solder method is better.

On the Radeon 9700 Pro at least there are a couple jumpers on the
appropriate pins, bridged by 0-ohm surface mount resistors (i.e. simple
conductors). What you can do is just unsolder the bridges and it becomes
an AGP 2.0 card... If you have a very steady hand you can also resolder
them to get your AGP 3.0 back.

Still this is not a fun solution as you can potentially cook your card
(make sure to use a 15 watt iron, nothing higher).

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