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Subject2.5.70 hangs on boot
Hi all, 

I've tried 2.5.70, 2.5.70-mm8 and 2.5.70-bk17. All of them hang while
booting, the last message they display is "Uncompressing Linux... Ok,
booting the kernel." then they just sit blank and boot no further. I've
booted previous 2.5.x kernels on this system, the last I had used was
2.5.63. My Hardware and other info is below, .config is attached. Is
anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there any other information I
can provide to help debuging? Please cc me any replies as my mailbox
can't take the full brunt of this mailing list, thanks -Dan

Dual Athlon 1.4ghz (1700+)
Tyan Tiger MPX mobo (AMD-760 MPX chipset)
512MB ram
Software Raid-1 /boot partition, Software Raid-0 /, /var, /home, /usr
lilo 22.5.4
Debian Sid

OverrideX <>
GPG Key Fingerprint = 4AD5 CE9C D7C8 0069 BDD3 7F72 3AB2 642A 5A5D EB89

Life without caffeine is stimulating enough. -- Sanka Ad
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