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Subject[PATCH] Fix __check_region deprecation
Linus, please apply.

Kills that stupid deprecated warning in kernel/ksyms.c, and makes
others simpler.

Name: Fix overzealous check_region deprecation
Author: Rusty Russell
Status: Trivial

D: 1) We export __check_region, so making it __deprecated gives a spurious
D: warning in kernel/ksyms.c.
D: 2) Other warnings refer to __check_region rather than check_region,
D: which has confused some people.
D: Make check_region an inline, not a macro, and deprecate *that*.

diff -urpN --exclude TAGS -X /home/rusty/devel/kernel/kernel-patches/current-dontdiff --minimal linux-2.5.70-bk16/include/linux/ioport.h working-2.5.70-bk16-check_region/include/linux/ioport.h
--- linux-2.5.70-bk16/include/linux/ioport.h 2003-03-25 12:17:30.000000000 +1100
+++ working-2.5.70-bk16-check_region/include/linux/ioport.h 2003-06-12 20:02:55.000000000 +1000
@@ -105,12 +105,15 @@ extern int allocate_resource(struct reso
extern struct resource * __request_region(struct resource *, unsigned long start, unsigned long n, const char *name);

/* Compatibility cruft */
-#define check_region(start,n) __check_region(&ioport_resource, (start), (n))
#define release_region(start,n) __release_region(&ioport_resource, (start), (n))
#define check_mem_region(start,n) __check_region(&iomem_resource, (start), (n))
#define release_mem_region(start,n) __release_region(&iomem_resource, (start), (n))

-extern int __deprecated __check_region(struct resource *, unsigned long, unsigned long);
+extern int __check_region(struct resource *, unsigned long, unsigned long);
extern void __release_region(struct resource *, unsigned long, unsigned long);

+static inline int __deprecated check_region(unsigned long s, unsigned long n)
+ return __check_region(&ioport_resource, s, n);
#endif /* _LINUX_IOPORT_H */
Anyone who quotes me in their sig is an idiot. -- Rusty Russell.
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