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SubjectRe: sysfs: Initialization order and system devices

On 11 Jun 2003, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:

> With the current system device changes (I picked them up in 2.5.70-mm8),
> the system device class assumes that all system device drivers are
> registered before any system devices are registered.
> Unfortunately, this is often not the case. CPU devices are registered
> very early, but cpufreq registers drivers for them; since cpufreq
> drivers can be loaded as modules, they clearly can't be registered
> before the device is.
> This patch keeps a list of all registered devices hanging off the system
> device class. When a new driver is registered, it calls the driver's
> add() function with all existing devices.
> Conversely, when a driver is unregistered, it calls the driver's
> remove() function for all existing devices so the driver can clean up.

D'oh. I meant to add this piece for precisely this reason. Thanks, though
there is one thing:

+ /* If devices of this class already exist, tell the driver */
+ if (drv->add) {
+ struct sys_device *dev;
+ list_for_each_entry(dev, &cls->devices, entry)
+ drv->add(dev);
+ }

in sysdev_driver_register(). You must check that cls is not NULL. I've
fixed it up and applied it.



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