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SubjectRe: 2.5.70 (virgin) hangs running SDET
>> OK, well backing out dcache_lock-vs-tasklist_lock-take-3.patch does
>> indeed seem to fix the problem. It's done 5.5 whole cycles now, and
>> still going strong.
> Well that patch fixed a real bug. It abviously added or exposed another
> one though.

Yeah, wasn't suggesting actually removing it - was just trying to
narrow it down some more.

> I continue to wonder if that task_struct is scrogged. There seem to be no
> other processes holding the lock.
> Might be interesting to give the below patch a run with memory debug
> enabled.
> Also spinlock debugging enabled. It would be nice to run with preempt and
> sleep-in-spinlock debugging enabled too, but I think preempt is broken on

OK, did that. your patches + debug up the wazoo. Bugger all output,
and a hang that looks similar, but the culprit is hiding even more,
as far as I can't see ;-(

File too big. zipped, attatched. sorry. I'll make a better attempt at it
tommorow, and I'll try to put some effort into it for once ;-)


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