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SubjectRe: 2.5: ieee1394 still broken, vesafb still broken, ipv6 still broken
On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 01:51:04AM +0200, Felix von Leitner wrote:
> I am surprised that Linus thinks now is the time to move towards a
> stable 1.6 release, I don't see any sign for increased stability in
> 2.5.59. I am still forced to use 2.5.53 because that is the last kernel
> that has working ieee1394.
> To reiterate the problems:
> ohci1394 detects my controller, sbp2 gets the same unsolicited packets
> from my Maxtor firewire hard disk as 2.5.53, but no sign of a
> detected SCSI device.
> vesafb is told to go to 1024x768-32, does so, but then reads from my
> TFT display that 1600x1200 is the native resolution and then thinks
> that is the resolution it is using (even fbset says so). The result
> is that I can only see the upper half of my screen, and the display
> is garbled to boot because the line length is too large, meaning
> writing something in the right half of the 1600x1200 screen results
> in overwriting something on the left of my real 1024x768 screen.
> ipv6 is still broken because running npush and then starting npoll on
> another virtual terminal will hang the kernel hard instantaneously.
> So hard, in fact, that I don't have a trace I could give you. Since
> vesafb is broken (hint, hint), I only see the last lines, which say
> something about a fatal error in an interrupt routine and a callback
> where the last lines are call_socketcall and call_syscall (IIRC).
> npush and npoll are from the ncp package, which you can find at
> We should not make any wind about even mentioning 2.6 to the press until
> we at least reach the basic functionality requirements, let alone
> stability of 2.4. I find the situation pretty embarassing considering
> that I am running around and telling customers to install Linux (come
> see me at LinuxTag, by the way, I'm talking about scalable network
> programming on Linux there. It would be really embarassing if I
> couldn't present the slides about the cool 2.5 features because 2.5 just
> happens to still suck then.
> And if you are right now considering to tell me that I should go to
> nvidia tech support, please limit yourself to private email as to reduce
> the embarrassment and damage you are causing to the rest of this list
> with Theo DeRaadt style user alienation. And unless you are going to
> investigate these, don't even bother with private email as well.
> Bullshit like that makes Windows look like the better option. The
> FreeBSD people are probably having a field day with this nvidia episode
> here.
> Felix
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For the vesafb just remove the EDID ifdef in drivers/video/vesafb.c,
line 303 to 308.
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