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    SubjectRe: The magical mystical changing ethernet interface order
    Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
    > Randy.Dunlap wrote :
    >>An alternative is to use 'nameif' to associate MAC addresses with
    >>interface names. See here for mini HOWTO:
    > Currently this feels like a kludge, because not fully
    > inegrated, but goes in the right direction.
    > Actually, it's pretty funny that the original Pcmcia package
    > got it right since the beggining (and Win2k as well), but
    > distributions took a step backward from that when integrating Pcmcia.
    > My belief is that configuration scripts should be specified in
    > term of MAC address (or subset) and not in term of device name. Just
    > like the Pcmcia scripts are doing it.
    > And let's go the extra mile : ifconfig should accept a MAC
    > address as the argument instead of a device name. And in the long
    > term, just get rid of device name from the user view.

    Some network devices do not have a mac address on power-up and must be
    supplied one.

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    Eli Carter \ it will be soon." -- crypto-gram
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