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SubjectRe: [PATCH] asm-generic magic
David S. Miller wrote:
> From: george anzinger <>
> Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 08:08:38 -0700
> Also, if you are introducing a file with asm code, you either cause
> all "other" archs to fail (till they catch up) or you must
> introduce the simple one line file in each arch.
> This is desirable behavior, then the arch maintainer sees the breakage
> and if the asm-generic solution is appropriate he makes that
> decision.
> I don't think you want to play expert for port maintainers.
> I sense that you want to be able to do "instant ports" to
> some architecture. This isn't the way to do it. Instead
> tar up a template set of asm-foo/ header files, and dump that
> into the directory for your new port.

For the record, I don't and have not done ports.

Rather I was interested in introducing a scaled math header. It would
contain routines to allow access to the 64 bit mpy and div
instructions, which ,of course, can be done in C but, if you don't
want the 64-bit lib, must be done with a rather large bit of code to
do simple s32=s64/s32 and s32=s64%s32 calculations. And, on 64-bit
archs the whole problem goes away.
> I see absolutely no value whatsoever to what you are proposing.
> In fact, I frankly think it sucks. :(

I understand what you think, but don't understand why you think that :(

George Anzinger
Preemption patch:

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