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SubjectRe: [PATCH] restore sysenter MSRs at resume

On Wed, 7 May 2003 wrote:
> The patch below hooks sysenter into the driver model and implements
> a resume() method which restores the sysenter MSRs.

This is wrong.

For one thing, you screw up SMP seriously, by not enabling sysenter on all
CPU's, only the boot one.

For another, we shouldn't have "device drivers" for the CPU. I certainly
agree about restoring the sysenter MSR's, but they should be restored by
the CPU-specific code long _before_ we start initializing devices.

So I think we should just make it part of the CPU initialization (which
should be in two parts: the low-level asm part for the "core" CPU
registers, and then the high-level C part for things like the MSR's,
user-space segment stuff etc).

So why not just add an explicit call to "cpu_resume()" in one of the
"do_magic_resume()" things, instead of playing games with device trees..

> The patch has a debug printk() for problematic systems that require
> the fix. If it says your machine didn't preserve the MSRs, please
> post a note about this to LKML with your machine model, so we can
> estimate the scope of the problem.

I really think that it should be done unconditionally - there's no point
in even _expecting_ the BIOS to restore various random MSR's. I can't
imagine that many do.


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