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Subject[BUG] 2.5.69 oops at sysenter_past_esp
Old Dell Latitude with very basic .config: PII, IDE/PIIX, ext2, cardbus,
hotplug, networking, but no SMP, {IO-,}APIC, ACPI, usb.

Booting into a text console, not starting X or inserting cardbus NIC,
suspending the box (apm). At resume, I am immediately greeted with an
oops looking like:

general protection fault: 0000 [#?]
CPU: 0
EIP: 0060:[<c0109079>] Not tainted
EFLAGS: 00010246
EIP is at systenter_past_esp+0x6e/0x71
<register dump>
Process <varies, any one of the daemons>
Stack: ...
Call Trace: <empty>

The machine is almost but not completely dead at this point.
The oops repeats several times with varying intervals (from
seconds up to minutes). The keyboard is initially not dead
(it responds to RET) but it too locks up after a while.

I don't know if this is new in 2.5.69, as I didn't test suspend
with 2.5.68 -- I've had resume-related PS/2 mouse problems with
recent 2.5 kernels, fixed finally by the "psmouse_noext" option.

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