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Subject[patch/2.5.69] zoran driver update
Hi Linus/all,
contains a patch that updates the current zoran driver (v4l/v4l2 driver
for zr36057/zr36067-based MJPEG cards) in kernel 2.5.x to the newest
stable version that we have. Patch is against 2.5.69.

Differences between old and new driver:
* this one actually compiles
* this one uses the new i2c stack
* this one supports video4linux2
* this one supports new cards (LML33R10 and Miro DC30/DC30+ - we already
supported the LML33, Miro DC10/DC10+ and Iomega Buz)

It also adds some additional PCI IDs and I2C IDs that are used by the
driver, updates documentation and adds this driver + me to the
maintainer list.

The i2c changes have been reviewed by Greg KH and Frank Davis (april
7th/8th, 2003 - the 2.5.67 patch), the v4l part is in review by Gerd

Could this please be applied?



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