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SubjectRe: Kernel hot-swap using Kexec, BProc and CC/SMP Clusters.
On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 11:34, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> So summarize:
> 1) Run multiple kernels (minimally kernels A and B)
> 2) Migrate processes from kernel A to kernel B
> 3) Use kexec to replace kernel A once all processes have left.
> 4) Repeat for all other kernels.
> On two simple machines working in tandem (The most common variation
> used for high availability this should be easy to do). And it is
> preferable to a reboot because of the additional control and speed.
> Thank you for the perspective. This looks like I line I can
> sell to get some official time to work on kexec and it's friends
> more actively.

Cutting boot time in half is pretty good as it is right now.

> >From what I have seen process migration/process check-pointing is
> currently the very rough area.
> The interesting thing becomes how do you measure system uptime.
> Eric

Perhaps two uptimes could be kept. The current concept of uptime would
remain as is, analogous to the reign of a king (the current kernel), and
a new integrated uptime would be analogous to the life of a dynasty. The
dynasty uptime would be one of the many things the new kernel learned
about on booting. This new dynasty uptime could become quite long if
everything keeps on ticking.


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