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SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove useless MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT from sunrpc
>>>>> " " == Trond Myklebust <> writes:

> There don't seem to be any checks and balances to prevent the
> user from removing the sunrpc module immediately after
> svc_create_thread() gets called. I presume that the call to
> lockd_up() in nfsd() will help (since that calls rpciod_up()
> and hence MOD_INC_COUNT) but AFAICS there appears to be plenty
> of possible races before we get to that point.

Sorry. I misread that code. The only nfsd problem goes the other way
round. nfsd() is not exported, and nfsd_svc() does not wait on the
threads to start, hence you have a race between nfsd_svc(), and the
MOD_INC_USE_COUNT inside the nfsd() threads.

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