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This release corrects a showstopping list handling bug in the pgd slab
management code. When PAGE_MMUCOUNT > 1, the pgd : struct page relation
becomes N:1, so that pgd_ctor() and pgd_dtor() may be called multiple
times for each page dedicated to the pgd slab. The bug was that
pgd_ctor() did an unconditional list_add(&page->lru, &pgd_list) and
pgd_dtor() did an unconditional list_del(&page->lru, &pgd_list)
regardless of whether the page backing the pgd's passed as an argument
was already on the pgd_list. There was also a bug in pageattr.c where
the pieces of a pgd slab page weren't iterated over when looping over
pgd slab pages.

A minor highmem compilefix and a fixes for /proc/vmstat reporting
inaccuracies are also included.

pgcl-2.5.70-bk5-2 survives a couple of hours of running dbench and
tiobench in a loop.

Available as an incremental patch atop pgcl-2.5.70-bk5-1 from:

-- wli
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