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SubjectRe: Algoritmic Complexity Attacks and 2.4.20 the dcache code

On 29 May 2003, David S. Miller wrote:

> > I highly advise using a universal hashing library, either our own or
> > someone elses. As is historically seen, it is very easy to make silly
> > mistakes when attempting to implement your own 'secure' algorithm.
> Why are you recommending this when after 2 days of going back
> and forth in emails with me you came to the conclusion that for
> performance critical paths such as the hashes in the kernel the Jenkins
> hash was an acceptable choice?
> It is unacceptably costly to use a universal hash, it makes a multiply
> operation for every byte of key input plus a modulo operation at the end
> of the hash computation. All of which can be extremely expensive on
> some architectures.
> I showed and backed this up for you with benchmarks comparing your
> universal hashing code and Jenkins.

i'd suggest to use the jhash for the following additional kernel entities:
pagecache hash, inode hash, vcache hash.

the buffer-cache hash and the pidhash should be hard (impossible?) to
attack locally.


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