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    SubjectRE: [PATCH] 2.5 Documentation/CodingStyle ANSI C function declarations.
    Hi Linus.

    > The motivation for doing the ANSI-fication is just that there
    > is now a sanity checker tool that will complain loudly about
    > bad typing, and since I wrote it and I hate old-style K&R
    > sources, it doesn't parse them.

    Probably the simplest solution is to make the said tool recognise
    a line like...

    #pragma KandR

    ...and have it abort any file where it finds that line with some
    sort of warning, perhaps along the lines of...

    SanityCheck: Found K&R pragma, ignoring kernel/foobar.c

    ...or something similar. It would then be simply a case of adding
    the said line near the top of whichever source files are still in
    K&R format.

    Best wishes from Riley.
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