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SubjectRe: [announce] procps 2.0.13 with NPTL enhancements
Paolo Ciarrocchi wrote:

>>You finally fixed a SEGV that I fixed well
>>over a year ago. Congradulations. You have
>>others to fix, and a minor (?) security
>>issue as well. Have fun.
> Again, you know there is a problem but you
> don't say anything about it.
> You do not want to fix it, don't you ?
> This is fine with me (even if it is hard to
> understand the reason), but you are just
> /wrong/ when you know about a problem and
> don't provide information about it.
> Again, this is just my opinion...

the root of the problem is that not all
packages maintainers of distributions send feedback/fixes
to _origianl software writer_. And you have cases
like this. Diferents tastes from same software,
everyone with its bugs and features.

Without to go too far, there are a lot of stupid
fixes into distributions kernels not present in 2.4.21-rcX

This is a general problem, and IMHO the distributions maintainers
should send more feedback to package maintainer more frequently.


Software is like sex, it's better when it's bug free.

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