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SubjectRe: 2.5.68-mm4 and 3c900 is a horror
> Kimmo Sundqvist <> wrote:

>> May 2 20:34:10 minjami kernel: irq 19: nobody cared!

> Very odd. How often does this happen?

Actually I was booting up for the first time with -mm4 as it happened.
The first 8 errors I copied verbatim, and the 22 that happened after the
8th but before the machine locked up I left out. So my guess is that
whatever happened there, happened every time.
The system is set so that it runs kdm on boot, and opens a PPPoE link from
/etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot with
pppd pty "pppoe -I eth0 -m 1412" debug defaultroute

The screen went black, which is normal in itself, but the X background
didn't appear. Neither did it switch virtual consoles, or beep or
anything while I tried. Just can't remember was my display in sync or not,
but either way, pressing any (many) keys didn't put it in sync or out.
The kernel I was running in my previous boot was 2.5.68-osdl2, and
2.5.68-mm4 was also compiled while 2.5.68-osdl2 was running. All
userspace stuff is neatly set up, and with ordinary 2.5.68 (and
2.5.68-osdl2) everything works fine, with the exception of ALSA. OSS
The ReiserFS partitions didn't complain on next bootup.

-Kimmo Sundqvist

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