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SubjectRe: must-fix list, v5

> This part won't work on sparc64 because it has separate address spaces
> for user/kernel.
> Yes, in fact I happen to be working in this area hold on...
> I'm redoing Andi's x86_64 ioctl32 bug fixes more cleanly
> for sparc64 by instead using alloc_user_space().
> Sorry Andi, I just couldn't bring myself to allow those bogus
> artificial limits you added just to fix these bugs... :-)
> This work also pointed out many bugs in this area which should
> be fixed by my stuff. (CDROMREAD* ioctls don't take struct cdrom_read
> they take struct cdrom_msf which is compatible, struct
> cdrom_generic_command32 was missing some members, etc. etc.)
> This is a 2.4.x patch but should be easy to push over to the 2.5.x
> ioctl stuff using the appropriate compat types.

It had to be applied by hand, otherwise okay... Mostly.

What is copy_in_user?

When do you have a heart between your knees?
[Johanka's followup: and *two* hearts?]
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