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SubjectRe: signal queue resource - Posix timers
William Lee Irwin III <> writes:

> On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 02:56:15PM -0400, Jim Houston wrote:
>> In the pre-allocated approach, the timer code would allocate a
>> sigqueue structure as part of the timer_create. I would add new
>> send_sigqueue() and send_group_sigqueue() which would accept the
>> pointer to the pre-allocated sigqueue structure rather than a siginfo
>> pointer. There would also be changes to the code which dequeues the
>> siginfo structure to recognize these preallocated sigqueue structures.
>> In the case of Posix timers using a preallocated siqueue entry also
>> makes handling overruns easier. If the timer code finds that its
>> sigqueue structure is still queued, it can simply increment the
>> overrun count.
>> The reservation approach would keep a pre-allocated pool of sigqueue
>> structures and a reservation count. The timer_create would reserve
>> a sigqueue entry which would be place in the pool until it is needed.
>> I wonder if anyone else is interested in this problem.
> Well, I've never run into it and it sounds really obscure, but I agree
> in principle that it's better to return an explicit error to userspace
> than to silently fail, at least when it's feasible (obviously the kernel
> can be beaten to death with events faster than it can deliver them, so
> it won't always be feasible).

Why couldn't this be a configurable per-user thing like RSS rlimits?

--Ed L Cashin PGP public key:

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