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SubjectRe: Changing SEMVMX to a tunable parameter
Arvind Kandhare wrote:

>1. Most of the IPC parameters (e.g. msgmni, msgmax,
>msgmnb , shmmni, shmmax) are tunables.
>(Please refer :
>Was there any specific reason why semvmx was not made a tunable with the
>above set??
Because I didn't see the need for making it tunable.

>2. By having semvmx as tunable, administrator gets more flexibility
>in controlling the resource usage on the system:
> a. By increasing this, it is possible to allow more
> processes to use the system resources controlled by a
> semaphore concurrently.
Changing semvmx has no effect on the resource usage: An integer occupies
4 bytes, a short 2 bytes, independant of it's value.

>Because of problems with dynamic tuning (ref first mail on the subject),
>static tuning (boot time) is proposed.
>Please let us know your comments.
Review everything for signed/unsigned problems, then post your findings
and a patch that increases the limit to 64k. The whole patch will be
shorter than the "confidential" disclaimer at the end of your mails.


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