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SubjectRe: ppp problems in 2.5.69-bk14 - devfs related?

Well, this does stop the oops but it also prevents ppp from working. I now get
this when I execute pppd

pppd: This system lacks kernel support for PPP. This could be because
the PPP kernel module could not be loaded, or because PPP was not
included in the kernel configuration. If PPP was included as a
module, try `/sbin/modprobe -v ppp'. If that fails, check that
ppp.o exists in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/net.
See README.linux file in the ppp distribution for more details.

and the kernel logs show this

CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of the University of California
PPP generic driver version 2.4.2
devfs_mk_cdev: could not append to parent for ppp

: Fsck knows why devfs_mk_cdev() fails, but what follows that is obvious -
: int __init ppp_init(void)
: {
: int err;
: printk(KERN_INFO "PPP generic driver version " PPP_VERSION "\n");
: err = register_chrdev(PPP_MAJOR, "ppp", &ppp_device_fops);
: if (!err) {
: err = devfs_mk_cdev(MKDEV(PPP_MAJOR, 0),
: }
: if (err)
: printk(KERN_ERR "failed to register PPP device (%d)\n", err);
: return err;
: }
: clearly leaves device registered after failed insmod. open() afterwards
: happily finds the device and dies on attempt to do anything with it
: (the module is not there, pointers go to hell knows where).

Matthew Harrell Life is like a diaper -
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