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Subject[announce] procps 2.0.13 with NPTL enhancements
I am ecstatic beyond words to announce the release of procps version
2.0.13. This release contains a number of NPTL-related enhancements,
courtesy of Alexander Larsson of Red Hat. Some of the enhancements are
generic in nature, and thus also benefit non-NPTL applications.

I encourage everyone to give this a try, especially 2.5 users.

Tarball, RPM packages, and CVS information is available at:

Change Log:

- fix top(1) -p flag behavior (Lars Holmberg)
- do not qsort the process list if we are not sorting
(Alexander Larsson)
- read tgid from /proc/pid/status if it exists
(Alexander Larsson)
- PROC_SKIPTHREADS flag for ps_readproc() to force only
reading of (tgid != pid) to avoid lots of syscalls
(Alexander Larsson)
- Look at PM->flags in ps_readproc() to avoid reading
/proc files files that are not needed. (Alexander Larsson)
(Alexander Larsson)
- Fix wchan decoding bug (Alexander Larsson)
- Fix for ticks going backward and cleanup (Denis Vlasenko)

And other misc. cleanups and changes.


Robert "Why the Hell am I maintaining this" Love

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