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    SubjectRe: Changing SEMVMX to a tunable parameter
    Arvind Kandhare wrote:

    > >>How?
    > > > SEMVMX is right now 32k, because the value is stored in an signed
    > > > short,
    > > > both internally and in the SuSv2 ABI.
    > semval is a part of struct sem and it is an integer as of now (2.5.69).
    > That is, it doesn't comply with SuS v3 as far as data type is concerned.
    > SuS v3 specifies semval to be an unsigned short.i.e. we can have a
    > maximum of 64K on this.

    Ok, thus you want to increase it from 32k to 64k, but not beyond, correct?
    You'd have to check that there are no hidden signed/unsigned assumptions
    in ipc/sem.c

    > Irrespective of the maximum value, an option to tune this limit would be
    > highly desirable.

    _If_ there are no signed/unsigned problems and if Oracle wants 64K, then
    I would increase SEMVMX to 64K, without making it tunable. Dito for SEMAEM.


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