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SubjectIs ALSA broken in 2.5.70?
Can anyone help me figure out why ALSA is not working on my 2.5.70-bk1 
setup? I tried ALSA 0.9.2 with 2.4.21-rc5 and it worked. I tried 0.9.3c
with 2.4.21-rc5 and it didn't work. I'm thinking I did not catch
something important in the last change.
I'm running RedHat 9 with KDE as my desktop.
I have a AC'97 CMI9739A SiS7012 onboard sound device.
I am using the intel8x0 driver. Everything is configured as defined in
the ALSA Documentation in the kernel doc directory. I also looked for
more help from the ALSA site, but I can't find any help.
Has anyone gotten it to work under 2.5.70?
I have all of ALSA compiled as modules in my config except for pci
modules which I only have the intel8x0 selection as a module.


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