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Subjectlaptopkernel-2.4.21-rc4-laptop1 released

I have started a project to create a kernel-patch containing various
laptop-specific things.
Especially it contains acpi, software suspend, supermount and some
hardware compatibility patches.

Our goal is to create a kernel that runs all hardware found in current
If you have laptop-specific patches you think that should be in
laptopkernel, contact us or submit them through savannahs patch-tracker.

Full list of patches below, it can be downloaded at

laptopkernel-2.4.21-rc4-laptop1 contains the following patches:

Patch: acpi-20030523 (
The ACPI in current kernels is very outdated. Most laptops won't have
any Powermanagement without the ACPI-Patch and some even won't boot.

Patch: swsusp 19-27 (
Software Suspend makes hibernation possible in linux, which is a very
important feature for laptops.

Patch: agpgart from 2.4.21-rc2-ac3 (
Laptops with the Centrino chipset need this for working agpgart, which
is needed for hardware graphics acceleration (dri).

Patch: drm modules from 2.4.21-rc2-ac3 (
This update is needed for proper working dri in XFree 4.3.

Patch: radeonfb from Benjamin Herrenschmidt (rsync -avz Radeon 9000 won't work with radeonfb
found in the current kernel.

Patch: bcm440+bcm5700 driver (from Gentoo-Sources)
Needed for Broadcom Network cards found in many laptops.

Patch: vivicam usb mass storage support (from Lycoris-Kernel)
Needed for Vivicam 355 (working as USB mass storage).

Patch: supermount-1.2.6 (
Supermount is a useful feature for desktop-pcs.

Patch: Optimization for pentium3/4 (trivial)
Makes gcc3-optimizations for pentium3/4 possible.
(Note: pentium4-optimizations should only be used with gcc 3.2.3 and
above. If you have an older gcc, please use pentium3.)
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